Why do we have a Homeowners Association?

Whenever a new housing plan is developed, small sections of land too small to build on are invariably left over.  In prior years these would become the responsibility of the borough or township.  But, as you might imagine, dealing with small parcels of land in multiple housing communities is difficult for a local government. 

So, in 1997 the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Community law was passed.  This law states that with any new housing plan a Home Owners Association (HOA) must be formed, and this HOA will own and maintain those parcels of land. 

When you bought your home here in Heritage Estates, you automatically became a member of the Heritage Estates Home Owners Association.  The law also states that in order to manage and maintain these land parcels, the HOA would operate under a set of bylaws or covenants.  As part of your sales agreement you accepted these covenants.

Who is our management company?

Our management company is ACRI Realty and our neighborhood manager is Janet Lukac. For more about ACRI and Homeowner Associations please visit: